Welcome to The Learning Cafe


The mission of The Learning Cafe is to empower young people with strong communication skills, great ideas, and never ending courage to use their voices to change the world.

I want to welcome you to our class website, TheLearningCafe.org. We have a great time progressing though our 8th Grade Curriculum. We learn through interaction in our class.

A starting goal is to equip students with independent learning skills and create momentum towards increased engagement, increased accountability, and greater independence in the teaching and learning process.

Working with our team of teachers, co-teachers, and support staff, we nurture students to take steps toward becoming thought leaders, using literature and written communication as a vehicle; we provide multiple experiences of exploration and learning; and we facilitate interests in the context of our English and Language Arts curriculum

Build Meaningful Relationships

After a year, classmates share a  boat-load of teaching and learning experiences. Meaningful relationships in our learning community are rewarded with many great memories in 8th grade. Through mutual respect, appreciation for other contributions, and contributing to a safe, welcome learning environment, we all grow and flourish while we help others along the way.

Life is all about building impactful relationships, and learning IS life whether you’re in a classroom or not. In order to maximize your growth potential, you have to be willing to contribute to the growth of others. This is elemental to your meaningful collaboration, and ultimately, your own success.

Your Contribution Matters

In The Learning Cafe each of us has a very specific purpose. Your unique gifts, talents, and interests are important. You see, every person in the room: you, me, Mrs. Egan, and anyone else we’re lucky enough to work with becomes a pathway of insight for everyone else to learn from each and every day.  I’m looking forward to collaborating with you learning from your unique perspective of the world!!!

In order for me to understand you a bit better you’ll be taking surveys throughout the year on various topics. Below is a short survey on technology. Some questions can be answered in multiple choice while other are short answer response. Please answer these questions in a way that helps me learn about your technology access.

It’s was created through Google Doc and the only people who will know the answers on our short survey are you and me.

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