7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

7 tips to keep your computer running smoothly during remote learning

In this post you are going to learn about how to keep your computer running smoothly during remote learning.

If you’ve been experiencing challenges with you computer, this video may have the answer to solving your problems.

Maybe you have one of these issues:

  • a lagging classroom experience
  • error messages when you try to access sites
  • not being able to access learning resources you’ve used before
  • having a limited view of the “classroom” when you’re in Teams for class
  • your computer is running very slowly

You may be experiencing issues not listed above, but after watching the video, you will have some simple solutions to some common problems.

7 Tips to Keep your Computer Running Smoothly


You use a variety of apps on a regular basis. If the apps you use are in ClassLink, then be sure to access them from class link ever time you log on to your computer. This is especially true for Schoology.

Office365 is is very useful. When you put the URL in the search bar, you can access all your available apps on that site. However, those apps provide some limited capabilities. There are more features available to you when you use the apps that are already on your computer.

If you’re teacher used teams to hold daily classes, be sure you access the app on your computer, not by going to the the online Office version. It will save you frustration while you’re engaging online with your teachers.

Tech Tip: Pin the Teams app to your task bar at the bottom of your screen for easy access.

Malware is lurking all over the internet. Sometimes malware causes a disruption in the functionality of your device. One thing you can do to battle this clearing your cookies. After deleting your cookies be sure to properly shut down your computer.

Another good idea is to save your assignments and documents for class to OneDrive. Make sure the toggle for autosave is clicked to on. This way your computer will always save what you create in Word on the cloud that is OneDrive.

Avoid downloading any unnecessary programs, games, or tools to your computer. When you download things to your computer there may an extension linked to these downloads.

Leave your computer as is. Although it’s fun to personalize your devices to better suit your personality and your won personal work flow, be very cautious. Small changes made on a device can often lead to unforeseen issues.

Most importantly, reserve your school table for school use only. By minimizing the type of searches you do and the place you visit on the internet, you are limiting the risks of having your computer exposed to potential issues in the future.

If you are having issues with your tablet, please contact the technology support department or class the school to help you resolve your issue.