8 Minute Write

8 minute write the learning cafe

Times writing improves and supports writing fluency.  The objective of an 8 Minute Write is to write continuously throughout the allotted time frame.

Specific requirements are given to the students before beginning each timed writing session. A timer is set for 8 minutes. When the timer sounds, student enter a vertical line after the word written at the time the session ended.

Students are allowed to take time to wrap up their thoughts to conclude the piece of writing.

Word Count

Student then count the number of words written within the 8 minute session. This number is recorded at the top of the page. At the end of the month students revisit their collect of 8 minute writes to observe growth in their grammar and writing skills while identifying patterns in their writing.

Quantity vs Quality

Writing is thinking. Higher numbers of words written does not necessarily reveal high quality writing. However, students learn to better manage time while writing because they become aware of just how long it takes them to write the amounts shown on their sampling of timed writing assignments.