An Introduction to Intros

daily class work

Prompt: What is the most important needed skill for academic success in 8th grade?

academic success – Big idea

in 8th grade? – Focus

Brainstorming: What is academic success? What does it consist of?

An Introduction to Writing Introductions  

  • Basic Requirements:
    • Length: 4 – 6 Sentences. (Your conclusion must mirror the length)
    • First Sentence: A reference to a “big idea” (Not restating a prompt)
      • It can never be a quote
      • It can never be a question in formal writing
    • Second Sentence: More information about the “big idea”
    • Third Sentence: a Bridge Statement
    • Fourth Sentence: background information on issue/topic related to “big idea”
      • 3rd and 4th Sentence can be switched depending on cohesion of ideas
    • Fifth/Last Sentence: ALWAYS the thesis statement

Funnel Intro Parahraphs