Annotations: Only the Beginning

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Annotating Text Will Increase Your Comprehension

Reading and talking are inputs for information. When you input more information in your brain, you expand your thoughts and create more meaning about old ideas while creating new ideas.

Annotating text is a tool to help you build your understanding through shared learning experiences.

Overview of Annotations: Only the Beginning


This, my friend, it called thinking!

The whole point of reading literature, an any other text for that matter, is to give yourself new experiences to grow your brain.

Only YOU can decide to give your attention to reading for meaningful reasons. Here’s the simple three step process of reading to grow your brain…

Brain Growing Process of Active Reading


  • Read
  • Annotate
  • Discuss

This seems simple, an it can be, but you already know that each step can be broken down into smaller action steps, (as you will come to experience over the course of this year).

Keep working on your participation in what we do in our Learning Lab, and you will be a master at all the steps of active reading before you know it!

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Happy Reading!