Argument Writing Prompt: Dressing for Success – Intro

Argumentative Writing

Dress for Success

Today you are going to complete 5 steps, as listed below.


  • Stay focused
  • Use time effectively
  • Get it done


Background Information on the Topic

In the 21st century classroom, student are expected to do more than learn facts. They need to develop communication skills and success skills. The world is changing and young people are expected to use their personal resources to create success in their lives through continual growth and achievement. They must learn how to be self-sufficient, productive, and resourceful.

Research reveals first impressions have a significant impact on how we judge others. Research also reveals that self-expression is important to helping others character in alignment with their true self. With this information in mind, some believe the way we dress ultimately impacts our success.

Keep this information in mind while you complete the task list below…


Today you are going to do the following:


    1. Read the prompt – CLICK HERE


    1. Go to informational resources – CLICK HERE


    1. Consider your position on the topic presented in the prompt – CLICK HERE


    1. Print-up an outline to help you – CLICK HERE


  1. Create an idea flow/graphic organizer to outline your essay. This is due tomorrow.