Argumentative Writing: General Structure Guide – Download It Here

Today we further discussed the essay we will be writing next week. For a week you have been collecting information and exposing your brain to a variety of information about leadership.

Download Today’s Handout HERE

Specifically, your attention has been on leadership for young people.

On Monday you will receive an outline/graphic organizer to help you structure your specific thoughts based on the question that will be driving your paper.


Argumentative Question for Monday’s Essay

Should leadership instruction be a formal part of education before students graduate from high school?


Here is the downloadable version of today’s general structure of argumentative essays we reviewed and discussed in class.

Download Today’s Handout HERE

Have glorious weekend!

Funnel It: The Writing Strategy that Teaches You How to Write an Introduction

Funnel It!

Learn how to write an introduction with ease.

The Funnel It strategy will reveal how to structure a focused introduction.

Apply this method to your writing and you will gain control over the focus of your essay writing.

After you watch the video, write a couple of introductions on your own to practice.

Watch this video… and Funnel It!!!

Argument Writing Prompt: Dressing for Success – Intro

Argumentative Writing

Dress for Success

Today you are going to complete 5 steps, as listed below.


  • Stay focused
  • Use time effectively
  • Get it done


Background Information on the Topic

In the 21st century classroom, student are expected to do more than learn facts. They need to develop communication skills and success skills. The world is changing and young people are expected to use their personal resources to create success in their lives through continual growth and achievement. They must learn how to be self-sufficient, productive, and resourceful.

Research reveals first impressions have a significant impact on how we judge others. Research also reveals that self-expression is important to helping others character in alignment with their true self. With this information in mind, some believe the way we dress ultimately impacts our success.

Keep this information in mind while you complete the task list below…


Today you are going to do the following:


    1. Read the prompt – CLICK HERE


    1. Go to informational resources – CLICK HERE


    1. Consider your position on the topic presented in the prompt – CLICK HERE


    1. Print-up an outline to help you – CLICK HERE


  1. Create an idea flow/graphic organizer to outline your essay. This is due tomorrow.

An Introduction to Intros

daily class work

Prompt: What is the most important needed skill for academic success in 8th grade?

academic success – Big idea

in 8th grade? – Focus

Brainstorming: What is academic success? What does it consist of?

An Introduction to Writing Introductions  

  • Basic Requirements:
    • Length: 4 – 6 Sentences. (Your conclusion must mirror the length)
    • First Sentence: A reference to a “big idea” (Not restating a prompt)
      • It can never be a quote
      • It can never be a question in formal writing
    • Second Sentence: More information about the “big idea”
    • Third Sentence: a Bridge Statement
    • Fourth Sentence: background information on issue/topic related to “big idea”
      • 3rd and 4th Sentence can be switched depending on cohesion of ideas
    • Fifth/Last Sentence: ALWAYS the thesis statement

Funnel Intro Parahraphs

How to Structure an Essay

How to structure Essay

So you’re wondering how to structure and essay…

If you’ve mastered the basic paragraph structure, you can easily transfer this knowledge of macro-structures to a lengthier composition.

In the video below you’ll learn how to structure an your essay, including the best way to generate an introduction and conclusion to strengthen focus in your writing.


Here’ How You Will Use the Video Below


Watch the video below the first time WITHOUT taking notes. Just watch to get a wide perspective of what’s being addressed.

THEN… watch it a second time, taking notes. The second time…

  • record notes as you watch
  • start and stop the video as needed
  • consider creating graphics or visuals with your notes
  • record any connections you make between the structure of a paragraph and the structure of an essay

How to Structure an Essay: Introduction, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion


PowerWriting Review Quarter 1 [VIDEO]

Learn How to Write Better Paragraphs

Downloadable resources are listed below.  If you want more insight and tips to have a success PowerWriting experience CLICK HERE

This video reviews the process of writing in the first quarter of PowerWriting. Please visit the link in the side bar for a list of thorough list of review resources labeled “PowerWriting Guide”.

Paragraph Writing: PowerWriting Stages 1-6

As you now know, PowerWriting helps generate well organized thoughts. It gives you the awareness to create paragraph with focus and clarity.

If you want some tools to take on the go to other classes or to use at home, download the forms below for some practice PowerFrames.


Downloadable PowerFrames for Pre-writing


PowerWriting: From PowerFrame to PowerGraph

Paragraph Writing Outline to Paragraph

Power Up Your Writing!

PowerWriting is a strategy to help you create well organized paragraph with relevant information.

The goal of PowerWriting is to help you generate effective paragraph with relevant details and support.

The best part is, you will be able to create impressive paragraph quickly!

Today, we worked on the foundational stages of PowerWriting.

Let’s review what you learned…

You know how to write a 1,2,3,2,3 paragraph – or – as we says in PowerWriting, a…


Before you write your PowerGraph you must create a PowerFrame to organize your thoughts.

Download Printable PowerFrames Here

Example of PowerFrame

P1. __________________________________ (topic + focus)

          P 2. ______________________________________ (sub-topic)

                       P3. ________________________________________ (detail)

           P 2. ______________________________________ (sub-topic)

                         P3. ________________________________________ (detail)

A PowerFrame Completed

P1. _____ Vacations Destinations _________

          P2. _______  Cocoa Beach, FL __________

                   P3. ________ Mom lives on water _______

          P2. _______  Peoria, AZ ______________

                   P3. ________ Visit sister  ______________


PowerFrame to PowerGraph

There are two vacation destination that make me happy. The first one is Cocoa Beach, Florida. I love traveling to Cocoa because my mama lives on the water and we enjoy it together. The other vacation destination I love is Peoria, Arizona. Every time I go there, I get to spend time with my best friend, my sister.


A Closer Look at PowerWriting Structure

         There are two vacation destination that make me happy (P1). The first one is Cocoa Beach, Florida (P2).  I love traveling to Cocoa because my mama lives on the water and we enjoy it together (p3). The other vacation destination I love is Peoria, Arizona (P2).  Every time I go there, I get to spend time with my best friend, my sister. (P3)


Subordinating Conjunction – A White Bus

SubordinatingConjunctions post image

Subordinating Conjunctions

… an introduction

In order to better understand subordinate clauses – Writing Tool #1 – you need to know something about subordinating conjunctions.

What to Do

  • Take out your English spiral.
  • Put today’s date at the top.
  • Label the entry “Subordinating Conjunction”
  • Watch the video – take notes while watching

Once your team is done, you’ll review this information.

If you’re done before your team is done, read quietly while others finish.

STEP 1: Watch the Video Below and take notes in your English Spiral



Read quietly as you wait for your team to finish.

Once everyone is done review the meaning, use, and acronym for subordinating conjunctions.

Be observant of these as you create sentence

First English Assignment: About Me

about me feature image

The About Me assignment is a one page document sharing information about yourself with the class. The completed projects will be posted in the classroom or the hallway.

All requirements are shared with students in the form a graphic. The teacher guides students through the elements and provides multiple samples to clarify the success criteria.

Time Allotted

Students are given 4 days, 3 nights, to complete this one page document. No time was given in class to complete this assignment because teachers have not been given clearance to distribute or use school provided tablets to the students.

About Me Requirements: Graphic Format

about me graphic requirements

About Me Requirements: Check List

About Me Requirements Pst Pic-1

About Me Requirements 



About Me Examples



Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

The Learning Cafe Vivian Beck

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Quote of the Week: 15 Minute Write


Research reveals people who are positive and believe they can learn and achieve their goals are met with greater success in life. This is called the growth mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset believe their intelligence and their opportunities for success are limited. This belief stifles potential and happiness.



We talked a great deal about how your intelligence is not fix. You’ve learned about the power you have to grow your “grey matter” and get more intellectual wrinkles by developing a positive perception coupled with habits for success.

Pause for a Moment

Take a moment to think about how can positively impact your life knowing about the power of a Growth Mindset. Collect your thoughts. Reflect on your life personally.

How could change the trajectory or your future by taking this into consideration over the course of the next year?

Quote of the Week Writing Assignment


Write a 1,2,3,4,2,3,4,2,3,4,1  paragraph.
Use a combination of writing tools to construct your thoughts.

Writing Prompt:

Write an 11 sentence PowerGraph addressing how the knowledge of growth mindset can influence your future, long or short term.

Memory Jogger

A Memory Jogger is like the note cards you made for yourself last week. It’s a tool to help your brain call forth skills and information to use.

Here’s your Memory Jogger for possible contents in the structure of a PowerGraph:


1. ______(Topic and focus) ______

2.  ___( Reason or Benefit) ______

3. ____(Either Evidence or Support) ______

4. ____(Either Evidence or Support) ____

2.  ___( Reason or Benefit) ______

3. ___(Either Evidence or Support) ____

4. ___(Either Evidence or Support) ______

2.  ___( Reason or Benefit) ______

3. ____(Either Evidence or Support) ____

4. _____(Either Evidence or Support) _____

1. _____(Synonymous Topic Reference and Generalization) _____

Please download the word document to use the provided PowerFrame for support through the writing process. You will need to copy and paste the text into a new document.

As always, save the document to your flash drive. Print to room 201. I will pick them up from that room later today.


Incorporation Review

How to Incorporate The LEarning Cafe

Let’s Review

What is Incorporation?

When do I need to Use Incorporation?

How do I Incorporate?

These are all good questions that need answers. This post will answer each one of these questions.

Let’s address the first question…

What is Incorporation?

Incorporation is a method of responding to questions in the written form. It means when you answer a question, you include the maximum amount of words from the question in your written response.

When do I need to use Incorporation?

You need to use incorporation in every written response you do in school. You are learning about it in Language Arts, but you need to apply the same process in Social Studies, Science, Health, Encore Classes, Gym (question of the week), and any where else the opportunity comes up to write a response.

Here’s the big question…

How do I incorporate?

Take a look at the pictures below. These will give you the sequence of steps to follow.

This should look familiar… it’s the same slide show we walked through together in class. In fact, you have partner notes in your Reading Spiral. Check them out while you’re review these pictures because we added some details.