The Learning Cafe Curriculum

What Drives The Learning Cafe?

The Learning Cafe offers a curriculum driven by the 8th Grade Common Core State Standards, the CCSS. English and Language Arts includes the content areas of reading, English, and speaking and listening. Grammar and vocabulary are skills addressed in each of these three areas.

What Are the benefits to Students?

What this means is that you will learn strategies to increase your comprehension, increase your writing skills, and be able to give some amazing presentations!

Are The CCSS Enough?

The Common Cores State Standards provide a road map of academic skills. But, you will get more than that in our classroom. We also incorporate many the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Standards are woven into the fabric for our ELA curriculum. Communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking are the 4 C’s of Education and boy are they important!!!

The 4 C’s of education are practiced and developed in some fashion every single day no matter what we’re learning.

Where Can I Get More?

Take time to visit the links below to access more details about the curriculum and our classroom. You can also get a peek at your teachers by going to Your Teachers, too.

The Learning Café Curriculum