Grading Policy & Study Hall

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The grading policy for Summit Hill is as follows.

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GRADE REPORTING SYSTEM (Reference Board Policy 6:280)

The following grading scale is used to report student academic achievement in grades 1-8. Grades reflect
tests, quizzes, and daily work which is dependent on the grade level.

Letter Grade Description of Grade Reporting

  • A (90-100%): Student achievement is outstanding and demonstrates continuous excellence
  • B (80-89%): Student achievement is above average
  • C (70-79%): Student achievement meets expectations
  • D (60-69%): Student achievement does not meet expectations; student needs reinforcement
  • F (50-59%): Student achievement represents failure of student to meet minimal academic

Rick Wormelli’s Take of 50% Grading Policy

Progress Reports

Student Progress Reports are issued only to students in danger of failing and are issued at mid-quarter
according to dates posted on the district calendar. Student progress can always be accessed online
through PowerSchool with the utilization of a password issued to the parent from the school.

Report Cards

(Reference Board Policy 6:340)

Student report cards are issued at the conclusion of each nine-week marking period in grades Kindergarten
through eight.

Academic Support

Lunch Time Study Hall

Study Hall is available during the school day. rather than attending intramurals or for their entire lunch period. If student requested, students must make the request the day before their desired attendance or some time between periods 1-4.

Teacher are required to enter students’ names in a data base. Using this time frame requirements allow teacher the opportunity to reserve a seat for the student electronically, as required.

Teacher Assigned Study Hall

The teacher may require a student’s attendance to study hall for one day or multiple days for the following reasons:

  • incomplete homework assignment(s)
  • unfinished classwork
  • additional review of academic skills
  • work completion
  • retesting
  • assessment redo’s

Student Request to Attend Study Hall

A student can request study hall attendance ahead of time for any of the following reasons:

  • extended time for an assignment (if allowed)
  • extended time on an assessment (if allowed)
  • study time
  • work completion
  • redo’s (when allowed)
  • reassessments (could be student requested or teacher directed)

NOTE: All students have been made aware of the opportunity to…

request attendance to lunch time study halls, whether it’s for intramurals only (20 minutes) or for the entire lunch period (42 minutes). If students attend for the entire lunch period, they eat lunch while working.

Students were informed of this option at the beginning of the school year and again through PBIS, and reminders from teachers  during the first three weeks of school.


If your child would like to attend Lunch Time Study Hall, they can make the request during Advisory (1st Period) and their advisory teacher can reserve the student’s seat at the requested session that day.

If a student would like to attend Lunch Time Study Hall, this is also an option. In this case, students must request attendance daily.

No student will be allowed to attend if they are not pre-registered earlier in the day, or during 7th, 8th, or 9th period the day before.