Daily Class Work: 10/16

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Advisory is the Time to

Sharpen the Saw: Ideas –

  1.  Review Notes
  2.  Study for Test
  3.  Practice Math
  4.  Review Assignment Notebook and upcoming week
  5.  Check Your Grades
  6.  Read from your own book



  • Monday 10/8 – Cumulative Review Begins of Vocabulary Units 103
  • Tuesday 10/2 – Understanding Check: Subordinate Clauses ( May count as SA)
  • Wednesday 10/3 – Summative Assessment for “Black Boy”
  • Thursday 10/4 -Summative Assessment on Stage 1-4 PowerWriting
  • Friday 10/5 – Book Fair


Today’s Class Work


You continued working on “Black Boy”. Working independently though this process means everyone is working at their own pace. You had the option of listening and annotating or annotating on your own.

Suggestion given to prepar for tomorrow’s text: Listen to the story one more time.

Click Here to Listen to the Story

Our collective goal is to complete the story and accompanying work by Tuesday at the end of class.


Tomorrow the list of words being tested on the cumulative review on Friday will be listed here.

Come back and click on Daily Class Work: 10/17 to access the list.

You worked on some vocabulary workbook pages: 17,18,27,28, 37.38: Choosing the Right Word on these pages. You’ll continue these tomorrow in class.

Click Here to Access Quadrant Charts


PowerGraph Decontruction

You watched a video reviewing the stages of PowerWriting for first quarter. This structure is now your 8th Grade Writing Standard. From this point forward, all written responses both long and short require the application of the PowerWriting stucture.

You reverse engineered a PowerGraph from your PowerGraph Example Packet. YOu’ll continue investigating these mentor text before your PowerWriting test which has been moved to Friday this week,


  • Read Novel (20 minutes)
  • Complete Quadrant Chart if not completed in class


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