Daily Class Work: 11/29

daily class work



Here’s the Work You Completed Today…


You continued reading Esperanza Rising. Each chapter has a dedicated video. CLICK HERE to access the Esperanza Rising Audio Literature page.

Esperanza Rising: worked on booklet and completed chapter 6 using audio of literature.

 CLICK HERE to access Esperanza Rising Audio Literature

Esperanza Rising Novels the learning cafe

AR Test is due Thursday,  November 29th. We will do our novel project in class on November 30.


Verbs Unit started today. Notes were taken your English spiral. If you were absent, Ask 3, Then Ask Me. After you record the notes we can discuss the application and purpose of this unit.

Classwork: you completed pages 13 & 14 in the verbs packet. This will be collected and evaluated tomorrow.


You were reminded that this is DAY 1 of Unit 6 Vocabulary and Spelling. You recorded the test date of December 13th in your planner and recorded reminders of daily studying in your assignment notebooks.

Be sure to be preparing by review the words for Units 4 and 5 as needed.

Study Strategies…

  • 5 Minute Study Strategy
  • Quadrant Chart
  • Know/No
  • 5 Times Each

The above work was for classes 2/3 and 4/5

8/9 Here’s what you all did today…

Library Visit

Ms. Noonan wrapped up her Ebook Unit with you. You were down there for 8th period.


The same as above work for other classes


We will take the English notes tomorrow in Advisory tomorrow.

Homework – all classes

Read from your novel or take the AR test while in school. AR test is due THURSDAY.

Review study strategies and think about how you can use them in our class as well as other classes