Daily Class Work: 11/5 -11/7

daily class work

This has been a crazy week…

Monday and Tuesday you visited only a few classes each day due to the field trip and PSAT testing. Access 4 PSAT Resources Here.

Today we established the current writing standards based on the Rules of Incorporation and PowerWriting. Because the first quarter has come to an end, there are now increased expectation in both reading and writing.

All submitted written response should demonstrate proficiency or mastery of these skills. Keep the Incorporation Rules worksheets hand if you need a reminder.

Here’s the Work You Completed Today…


You completed Reading Check Questions for “Drummer Boy“. If they are not done they are HOMEWORK. Reading Check Questions will be getting more complex as the quarter progresses. More questions will focus on inference and drawing conclusion – requiring evidence – rather than literal questions.

This means sharing more of your ideas and observations in the written form, thus requiring the application of Incorporation and PowerWriting.


Notes on compound sentences were taken. You learned and mastered these in 6th and 7th grade

These notes were a review, establishing the expectation that compound sentences should be making an appearance in your writing from this point forward.

Multiple opportunities for application of compound sentence, subordinate clauses, and items in a series will be provided in the up coming days and weeks. (This is called sentence variety application.)


As a Bell Ringer you worked through the 5 Minute Study Strategy. You are being given more independence with this process. At this point in the year you have had tie to master this technique and adjust it to meet your individualized needs. From this point forward you will be expected to conduct all study session at home because you have mastered it.

You also reviewed the Think and Search Strategy for vocabulary and applied this system to “Completing the Sentences” for Unit 4 (pg. 59) If you didn’t finish this, it is HOMEWORK.