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English in the Learning Cafe

English is broken down into two specific areas of focus: writing and grammar. Although separating reading and writing is difficult, they are distinctly different. I like to think of ELA as a think tank.

When you read, you learn. When you write, you learn. The beautiful experience that is English and Language Arts is dual learning that occurs. You continue to learn to refine your reading and writing skills, but as you read and write you learn.

Writing is the foundation of effective communication. If you can think, you can write. The objective in The Learning Cafe is to refine your skills to become an effective communicator of ideas.

How We Do It All

Through Writing Workshops and a whole lot of shared learning experiences and discussion, we build our ability to expand out thinking as a collective groups while expanding independent ideas.

What You’ll Learn

This year you’ll learn how to organize your written thoughts through PowerWriting. This helps structure thoughts for the increasing complexity of more advanced writing.

You’ll also master grammar though the combination of traditional learning of basic grammar skills partnered with Writing Tools. Writing Tools teach you effective sentence structure for greater sentence variety throughout your writing. They also help you develop a keen eye for proper punctuation.

Different Types of Writing

Both PowerWriting and Writing Tools are used as scaffolding for more complex writing that accompanies essay writing, including informational, argument, and narrative. Of course we can’t forget about literary analysis (that big old bridge connecting reading and writing).

What You Need to Know

Writing is a progressive process. Every student arrives having very different strengths and challenges in writing. Some students even believe they “just can’t write“.

Everyone can learn how to communicated more effectively through a structured approach. Writing strategies build on one another. Developing the craft of writing takes time.

Patience is definitely required, as is high levels of engagement. This means your willingness to participate every step of the way is essential to your success. Language Arts is , in fact and art. This is room for self-expression, especially when foundational skills are strengthened or mastered.

Be patient and keep participating and growth will be the end result. I promise!!!!