Writing Tools: Overview

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Writing Tools

Effective sentence structure, sentence variety, and strategic transitions, are essential to clarity and cohesion in writing.

Writing Tools very specific grammar rules presented in succinct format, one at a time. The reason for very targeted skills in each is the goal of mastery of each. With mastery comes the potential of skillful application of these grammar and writing rules.

Why Master Writing Tools?

Writing Tools support the development of mature sentence structure, the foundation of well structured paragraph writing.

How Many Writing Tools Do I Need to Learn?

Thus far there is an available Writing Tools Index including 12 Writing Tools your will learn and master in the upcoming months. These numbers may increase over time.

Are writing Tools a Waste of Time?

Absolutely not!!! Comma and punctuation rules are embedded within many Writing Tools. This means with the mastery of Writing Tools comes the mastery of punctuation rules. By Mastery Writing Tools you strengthen both structure of ideas and grammar application in all future writing.

What’s the Greatest Benefit of Writing Tools?

The best part about learning and applying Writing Tools is that it will  increase the maturity of your writing. This is because greater details are provided in sentences structured with Writing Tools in mind. In addition, Writing Tools also support the editing and revision process of all writing  in the ELA classroom.

Are Writing Tools Only for ELA and Essay Writing?

The answer is a clearly resounding, no. Students are expected to use Writing Tools in all other areas of the curriculum, including math, science, social studies, health, P.E., and any other classes where written work is submitted.

How Can I Learn More About Writing Tools?

If you want to move through the Writing Tools at your own pace you can. If you want to access the Writing Tools to review what we have practiced in class, you can.

CLICK HERE to access the Writing Tools Index Page.  This will help you become familiarized with them or review them as needed.

Clarity and cohesion begin with a strong foundation in basic writing skills beginning with sentence structure.


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