How to Find and Navigate The Learning Cafe Website

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Welcome to The Learning Cafe where we think bigger together.

This video is a quick tour of our class website. Many parents and students alike have had a difficult time accessing, but I assure you it is easily accessible when searched and this video I will show you how. is important for both students and parents. Students are reminded daily to visit for a review of what we have done and clarification of homework and important dates.

Learn How to Access and Navigate Our Class Website



For Students

If students are absent, it is also important to gain some insight about what was missed, so when they return to school and follow the “Ask 3, Then Ask Me” method for self-advocacy, they are able to maximize communication with teacher about absent work and discussion skill, assignments/tests, and scheduling more effectively and efficiently.

For Parents

For parents, offers insight to what students are learning. It also helps parents help their students because the information shared on the site is the same information students are taught in class. I guess you could say, our class website is you window into your child’s learning experiences in our class. Please feel free to roam around the site.


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