How to Justify a Claim Using PowerWriting: 1,2,3,2,3

How to Justify a Claim Using powerWriting

PowerWriting is an excellent method to use to keep yourself focused on your purpose for writing.

In this post, you’re going to have the opportunity to apply your writing skills learned in PowerWriting Stage 3 when responding to literature.

You May Want to Review Your Power Writing Notes

If you’re uncertain of the requirements of these stages, please consult you notes. Review them before the video beings in order to save time completing this assignment.

If you have not finished reading “Sea Devil” by Arthur Gordon, please do that before you watch the video. CLICK HERE to access the recording. You are going to have to …

Justify a Claim Using PowerWriting

Watch the video below. Then begin writing the required PowerGraph.

Before You Turn in Your Paper…

  1. Re-read your paragraph to make sure it makes sense. Make changes if needed
  2. Review it for proper format. Make sure you have required elements.
  3. Be certain the text references you used are accurate and logical.
  4. Edit it for capitalization, punctuation, and proper spelling.
  5. Make sure you’ve written clearly, so it can be fairly evaluated.

Watch the Video, then write your paragraph.

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