How to Use Split Screen to Easily Complete an Assignment for Upload to Schoology [VIDEO]

how to use the split screen feature for easy completion of assignments

Simplify Assignment Completion for Electronic Submission

Welcome to another tech tip from The Learning Cafe. In this video you’ll learn how to make it easy to complete an assignment without touching a piece of paper. You will need a touch screen tablet and a stylus for make this work.

Using Split Screen

A split screen is useful in many ways. You can be in an online class or meeting and have a document open at the same time without having to move between application.

What is Split Screen

Split screen is when you are able to see more than one window on your screen at a time. You can have a reference page or website on the left side of your screen while you’re working on a document on the right side of your screen.

How is Split Screen Useful

This can be helpful when you’re writing or taking notes. The possibilities of use are almost endless. You can have a teacher’s slide show on one have and your word document on the other while you take written notes. Here are some combinations of split screen uses.

  • teacher’s slide show of lesson presentation + a word document for note taking
  • Khan Academy Lesson video + a whiteboard to practice the problems
  • short story or literature + a word document for annotations taken separately
  • online research article + word document for information collection
  • teacher’s example of a writing paragraph + a word document for structure
  • Word document of information with inspiring information + PowerPoint to create presentation.

Got More Split Screen Ideas?

After watching this video, think about all the ways you could use this feature. In the future, I’m guessing you are going to find this simple tech tip very helpful.

How to Split Screen to Complete and Assignment


Explore the Split Screen Feature

Did you know you can actually have up to four screens open on your desktop at a time when you use this tech tip? Take some time to explore this feature and figure out how to create the 3 screen format and the 4 screen format.

I’m confident you’ll you’ll discover how.

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If you find new ways to use the split screen feature, please share with us! Your creative use may help someone else!