How to Write an Essay from a Paragraph [Video Example Included]

how to write an essay fast

Mastering paragraph writing is foundational to your continual progress in essay writing. Apply PowerWriting in the early stage of your writing experience and your future essays are easier to structure.

In this post you will learn how to use a paragraph to organize and write a five paragraph essay

In order to apply this method, you will need a simple paragraph structured as a 1,2,2,2,1 powergraph.

Click here to watch a video review paragraph structure using Power Writing

This method is meant to help you maintain focus and clarity. By using a paragraph as a guide for essay writing. Using this essay writing process you are applying previously learned skills in the PowerWriting processes.

It offers you a personalized structure that will help you write your essay faster and more efficiently.

Remember, making sure you understand the prompt, and answering the question is imperative to focus. The following video reviews how to generate a logical claim – your P1 – that begins your response.

The other expectation for basic paragraph writing is sentence variety. be sire to use your writing tools intentional when constructing both simple and complex pieces of writing.

Step 1: Write a 1,2,2,2,1 in Response to a Provided Prompt

Watc the following video. Take notes if needed. Rewind and rewatch for clairty.


 Step 2:  How to Write an Essay From a Paragraph

This video reveals how to use PowerWriting to ‘stretch out’ your previously created paragraph to generate a a well organized essay with strong focus and relevant depth of ideas.


Your turn…

Write an Essay from a Paragraph

Practice the process above with every essay you write in the future. If you need some review of PowerWriting click on the links below.

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