Organization and Time Management Expectations for First Quarter

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You Have the Power to Accelerate Your Progress Through Organization

Strengthening your organization for improved performance and achievement is your goal for the next four weeks. Organization is foundational to continued growth and future success. our locker holds all your tools needed to be productive and engaged in class.



To Be Fully Engaged You Need to Be Prepared

You know how difficult it is to participate in class without the required books, assignments, and resources. When you come unprepared, you feel left out and disconnected from learning activities. Don’t let this happen to you. Take time to rethink the way you use your time.

Decreasing Locker Visits Might Help You Stay Organized

How many times do you stop at your locker? Which books do you carry with you and when? Is what you’re doing right now work to help you maximize your productivity and ultimately your performance? If not, take some time in the upcoming weeks to reorganize how you use your locker, folders, books, assignment notebook, and other required materials.

To Make Changes, You Need to Be Willing to Make Changes

If you need help coming up with a change in your current methods of organization and time management, please ask for help. There are plenty of people in our learning community ready to help you, help help yourself.