PowerWriting: Stage 2 [VIDEO] Tutorial

PowerWriting Stage 2

PowerWriting Stage 2 is build on the foundation of categories and subcategories outlined in Stage 1.

In order to create a clear structure of ideas, you have to have solid foundation for clarity.

In this video, you’ll review the required elements of PowerWriting Stage 2 where you’ll write your first powergraph.

Before watching, review your notes about Stage 2 and see if you can recognize the patterns of logical structure.

Guided Practice: PowerWriting Stage 2

Practice PowerWriting On Your Own (OYO)

Below are links to download handouts you can print up and practice on at your convenience. You could also recreate these handouts yourself in your spiral.

Tips for Progress with PowerWriting

  • Keep your notes in a central location like a spiral, a folder or on the computer in One Drive.
  • Collect a variety of PowerFrames. This way you’ll have am idea bank for future writing.
  • Apply a variety of Power 2 transitions.
  • Vary your sentence structure with intention each time you write a PowerGraph.
  • Make it an intentional practice to apply PowerWriting every time you have an opportunity to give a written response.


Downloadable for PowerWriting Practice

PowerWriting Stage 1 Downloadable Worksheet

PowerWriting Stage 2 Downloadable Worksheet