the learning cafe reading viv beck

Reading in The Learning Cafe


Every activity completed in our classroom supports the increase of your reading comprehension. You will learn strategies to increase your brain activity and increase your thinking process before you read, while you read, and after you finish reading text. Reading material includes your independent novel, class novels, short stories, excerpts taken from literature, non-fiction articles, and historical texts.  Increasing your level of engagement, or brain activity is essential to grow your thinking skills.

The Learning Cafe Reading Viv Beck

Active Reading

This is called Active Reading. Active Reading is the corner stone of your brain work with both literature and non-fiction text. Be patient.  Learning and applying active reading is a process. The more you read actively, the more your thinking skills develop. The more your thinking skills develop, the more effective you become at Active Reading. This directly links to the thinking strategies you learn in English where writing and grammar are developed.

the learning cafe reading viv beck

Reading List

Thought the year there is predetermined reading list which creates our shared learning experiences. There are times we will read selections not included on this list. It all depends where your interest leads us. To start the year, alll texts are read together. this way we can build common skills and terminology about how we think through text. As you become more skilled with Active Reading, your teams read and think through text together. The goal is to become a skilled, independent learner as you read on your own.

the learning cafe reading viv beck

Class Novels

Class novels are also preselected. These novels are all very different. But, what they share is a common theme. They are also all culturally based which means readers learn more than just the plot of the story. These books are housed in the classroom. They are class sets and we read them together in class to support each others’ thinking process.  As a critical reader, you gain skills of literary analysis as you become a keen observer of the text and how the concepts delivered from the text connect to the real world.

the learning cafe reading viv beck

Independent Novels

Independent novels are the books you select each quarter to read on your own. You select a novel of your choice – it cannot be a movie, and it must be appropriately challenging. These are required to be completed within the first four weeks of each quarter. Before the four week mark, your comprehension test is taken and a book project is completed. Sometimes we complete these in class, sometimes you complete them on your own.