Class Novels

Shared Learning Through Class Novel

In The Learning Cafe you read class novels and independent novels. Class novels are read together. Independent novels are book you choose to read each day.

The purpose of shared literature is to apply the reading skills and critical thinking skills we learn throughout the year to literature. Theme is investigated in each individual novel while making connections across all literature we read. We also discuss authors' craft.

Here are my thoughts on effective reading...

The ELA experience is about deep thinking. It's about communication.

Reading (and writing for that matter) is thinking. When we share thinking and learning experiences we are able to grow and learn from one another.

This is why being present - and by that I mean being engaged while present - means you are able to maximize your experiences in literature and writing.

Your willingness to share your thoughts with others helps you AND your classmates.

The following list of books are potentially books you will be reading with your class. Through the use of literature and relevant informational text you build a background of knowledge not only in the content and context of the literature but also in the application of literary analysis.

Class Novels

The following are class novels. The titles presented below are presented in the order they present themselves in our curriculum. The goal is complete a novel in a given quarter. However, the pace of progression is often determined by students' progress.

As a result, we may complete a novel spanning the time frame to include the transition period into another quarter. Every effort is made to read Night, by Elie Wiesel, before the 8th grade trip to Washington DC when student visit the Holocaust Museum in order to strengthen the literature to real world connection for those students going on the trip.

Esperanza Rising Novels the learning cafe

Pam Munoz Ryan wrote Esperanza Rising to share her granmother's story and the story of rich history during 1930's in both Mexico and the united Stated,  This an award winning presents a multitude of opportunities for  literary analysis for all readers.

Esperanza Rising is about a young lady's fall from riches to rags. Set in a turbulent time of American history, Esperanza is forces to start a new life as poor migrant worker after living a life of wealth and comfort on her father's ranch in Mexico.

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farewell to manzanar feature image

Farewell to Manzanar is Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's epic novel sharing the trials and tribulations of Japanese American's in the U.S. during World War II. Houston paints a realistic picture of both the personal and political struggles for families forced to live in interment camps.

With skillful plot progression and dynamic character development, the reader comes to understand the essence of fear and loyalty that was powerful enough to destroy family being detained in the west. 

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Night Featured Image

Elie and his family did not believe Hitler's evil wrath would reach their small town of Seget, but they were wrong. Wiesel's first hand accounts of surviving Auschwitz give context to this sobering memoir about the Holocaust and the power of faith and hope. ​

Night reveals the darkness of our history's past in order to ensure we will never forget. Compassion and empathy are inevitable after reading the Nobel Prize winning author's most influential book. A deep investigation of symbolism and  historical references are sure to engage even the most reluctant readers.

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the pearl novel the learning cafe

The Pearl, a classic piece of literature, investigates the raw reality of man's desire for wealth.  Steinbeck's