Character Change

Change is Essential

Whenever you read a book, or watch a movie for that matter, it’s always exciting to watch characters face challenges. When we get to know a character and as we begin to identify with them, our connection to their experiences becomes exciting.

Transformation Keeps Our attention

This is because we enjoy the thrill and excitement of having experiences by way of storytelling. Story telling – and story reading – is a safe way to grow your personal skills by gaining new insights to the world around us.


Change is Meaningful

One of the most important factors of storytelling is change: Change in scenery, change events, change in emotions, change in wisdom, change in control, change in perspective… change in characters!

Read with Awareness

In every piece of literature you read, you can get to know a character watch them act and react in their environment. Your job as an Active Reader is to increase your awareness of change in literature. In the future, your objective is to look for transformation throughout the literature you read.

I would even challenge you to identify changes in characters while you watch movies. Take this objective on as your mission.

Observe and Grow

When you are able to identify transformations in the dynamic character(s) you are able to connect with more than just the words on the page. By identifying change you have the power to reach beyond the text, deep inside yourself as well outside of yourself into the world at large.

Nurture Your Empathy Muscle

Observed transformation has the power to help us understand ourselves better while developing empathy for those me meet in literature. This skill of recognizing the perspective of our literary friends is so important it is addressed throughout the year, beginning in August!