Student Expectations Parent Message



I appreciate your patients as we continue to refine the virtual learning process. There have been several hurdles presented with the resources that helps make remote learning possible: technology. There have been a combination of system issues and user error… many user errors, and for that I apologize.


Even though the technology issues present themselves, the students are ready and willing to assist as needed and collaborate in problem solving. The students are doing an amazing job making an effort to participate through observations, participation and contribution during lessons. My gratitude and admiration for their determination and positive intentions runs deep.


Sometimes, I feel like there is always a challenge met before productive begins. I, too, am learning many new skills this year. In the end, the students and I will have skills we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I know we will rise above the challenges together and be better for the future!


My goal is to simulate the experience in the classroom as most effectively as I can while developing skills students need as remote learners. This effort presents specific standards and expectations for behavior and participation in our online classroom, myself included. The goal of preparing your student for high school still remains in spite of our learning conditions. Study skills, academic independence, and critical thing developed through literature and written communication remain a focus.


To create a shared vision of positive outcomes this year, I have listed both student and teacher expectation below.


Student Expectations


  1. Come to Class on Time
  2. Begin the Bell Ringer upon arrival
  3. Be prepared with required materials
  4. Record assignments in assignment notebook
  5. Take notes as directed during instruction
  6. Participate in guided practice/application
  7. Actively engage in  independent learning activities (during class) with integrity
  8. Complete work that extends beyond class time independently
  9. Practice study skills presented in class at home
  10. Read daily from electronic sources of tangible resources


Note: I would like student to share their beautiful faces on screen in order to strengthen the student-teacher relationship, but I am aware that not all students are comfortable on screen.


Teacher Expectations


  1. Create daily rituals for predictability
  2. Design online lessons driven by CCSS
  3. Align online instruction with district curriculum
  4. Offer a combination of synchronous and asynchronous lessons
  5. Communicate expectations with clarity
  6. Encourage the development of independent learning skills
  7. Provide multi-modality learning experiences
  8. Offer opportunities for student contribution in learning process
  9. Maintain instructional flexibility through differentiation
  10. Work with support staff to meet needs of students
  11. Be available during office hours for student support


Circumstances are unique for each learner. With that in mind, I will continue maintaining greater flexibility in regards to completion and submission of work. Rather than having assignments due within a one to two day time period as in the traditional classroom, I will extend due dates of given assignments to meet the needs of the shared conditions of our electronic learning environment. I may extend the “window” of submission a few days. Keep in mind, this also causes a delay in evaluation of student work.


If issues arise causing your child to require addition time to complete and submit an assignment, please message me with insight, so I am aware of a possible delay of your student’s work. Developing the new skills sets required for the increased academic accountability of remote learning is process, more appropriately stated, a journey. It may be overwhelming. If you feel your child needs an extension on the completion of their work, please don’t hesitate to communicate with me.


My hope is that your child will benefit from our experiences together and thrive whether we are online or in class. Together, we can make the most of this unusual situation.


With gratitude and appreciation,


Ms. Beck