Learning Resources

How to use the Pomodoro Method

Here are some online resources you have probably used in the past. Take some time to dig in a review something you enjoyed or continue with the work you were already doing in class.


Try keeping track of your progress. After you complete a few practice sessions on line you’ll have an idea of where you are with your accuracy and speed. Set a goal for each of these. Then practice in a word document. You could listen to a video or audio recording and try dictating while your listening. This will improve your speed and focus. Do this consistently for a few days, and then go back to typing.com and see if your speed and accuracy has improved.

Common Lit

You can log in here and search topics of interest and read a boatload of related articles. Click around. You’ll be surprised at the variety of content here. You can also check out the lexile level before you select the articles.


you were given individualized skills that would benefit from review. These skills were identified from your NWEA assessment and aligned with Freckle. If you want, you can continue working on your individualized skill for further practice. Or, you could select Word Study or writing. Remember, you can also select any other area if you’d prefer.


If you have explored EdPuzzle before, use your username and password to enter the site. Then take some time to look at the various videos in areas of interest. Each one has ‘while watching’ activities.

Saldier Oxford – Level C (8th Grade)

If you click on the link above, you get access to ALL levels of vocabulary.The 8th grade workbook is orange, Level C.  Click on that icon and you can review past units and move on to future units if you’d like to. Grade 7 vocabulary is accessed by clicking on the orange workbook, Level B.

NoRed Ink

If you have an account set up on NoRedInk, you can access this account as well. Select skills of choice and engage in online practice of grammar skills you have already practice  that may benefit from extra support. You could be courageous and extend your experiences to skills that are new to you, although this is not required.

Off Line Learning Options

Personal Journal

Keep am informal daily journal of your  observations, emotions, or reactions to your experiences in the coming days and weeks. Apply variety of writing skills such as sentence variety, figurative language, proper grammar. Be creative and expressive while you develop your craft of writing.

Daily Reading

Read 20 minutes each day from a self selected novel, short story, or magazine. Think about selecting a different genre than what you usually read. Maybe there’s a new author you want to explore and dive in. If there’s a new series you’ve wanted to read this might the time to get started.

Comparing Literature

Think back to the literature you’ve read so far this year. It can be what you’ve read in class or what you’ve read on your own. Write a paragraph or essay comparing two or more pieces of literature. Explain how they are similar and how they are different. You could compare them for author’s craft, plot structure, character development, or other observations you made between the text.