Vocabulary Flashcards

vocabulary flashcardsVocabulary flashcards are foundational in our study strategies in The Learning Cafe.

These are not the only path the gaining understanding of words: word parts, affixes, etymologies, and deviations, BUT…

The need to memorize information is a very real expectation for you now and until the end of your academic career.

Flashcards, when combined with some type of Visual cue, are proven to be effective for the preliminary stages of learning which is memorization.

This is why we use flashcards regularly. The hope is to develop a study strategy that is applicable in multiple areas of the curriculum.

This method may be used in social studies, science, health, math, and in other classes you may take. So, be patient with this process. It’s only as effective as you are disciplined to the process.

Method for using flashcards and vocabulary

Materials needed:

  • 20 flashcards
  • Pencil/pen/colored pencils
  • Word list of definitions


Process for Flashcard Creation

Front side of flashcards:

Write the word in the center of the flash card.
In the lower right-hand corner, generate a graphic that displays the meaning of the word without using any words to describe its definition

Backside of the flash card:

In the upper left-hand corner with the part of speech
In the center of the card, Write the definition.
At the bottom, generate an original sentence using the word appropriately, making sure to use it with its appropriate part of speech.

Suggestions for generating flashcards

Begin by writing the words on the front of each card. Save the graphic for last. This is because you will have a better understanding of the word once you revisit it’s definition and it’s part of speech and creating a sentence for it.

While studying look only at the picture that you’ve created and see if you can recall it’s a general meeting. Once you’ve created all the flashcards categorize them by parts of speech.

Be aware of parts of speech.  A noun can only be used as a noun. And adjective can only be used as an adjective. Each part of speech has a specific purpose in the sentence. You can’t use a verb as a noun, and you can’t use an adjective as a verb.

It’s helpful to use the words provided in the workbook as a guide to structuring your sentences appropriately.

Use your flashcards when using the 5 Minute Study Strategy throughout the two week period of each vocabulary unit.