5 Minute Study Strategy

The 5 Minute Study Strategy

The 5 Minute Study Strategy is a simple process that will help you memorize more information in less time.

One thing you must know, is that forgetting the best way we develop our memory muscle. When you cram for tests you really aren’t retaining any information. What you “cram” into your head by studying the night before a test may be in your head for 24 hours, but, that information is housed in your short-term memory. 

Info you cram into your head falls out of your head before it has a chance to live in your long term memory.

Repetition Over Time is Key

This is why you need to accept that studying for the sake of memorization requires the repetition over a wide time frame. You have to be willing to apply the 5 Minute Study Strategy over the course of days and weeks.

If you want maximize the impact of this study method, you have to study the same information over time. Studying the information nightly, not just the night before a test.

Your brain needs to struggle to pull information from its memory in order to grow its memory muscle.

Getting Started with the 5 Minute Study Strategy

(The following process is specific to vocabulary, but it can be modified to be used with other content to areas.)

  • Create vocabulary flash cards for each vocabulary word.
  • Compete a quadrant chart for the unit of words being studied.
  • Each night engage in the 5MSS, multiple times if needed.

Materials needed:

  • Flash cards (or other information needing to be memorized)
  • A timer (click here to access one online)
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Process of the 5MSS

  • Set the timer for 3 minutes.
  • During the 3 minutes you Study with laser-like focus trying to memorize a predetermined amount of information.
  • When the timer sounds, put away your flash cards and take out your paper and pencil.

Set the timer for two more minutes.

  • During these two minutes, your goal is to write as much of the information you can remember of the information you tried to memorize in the previous three minutes.
  • When the second timer sounds, check the accuracy of your recall against the information in his flash cards.
  • Repeat this process multiple times in one sitting. Then REPEAT THIS PROCESS EVERY DAY with the same information.

When you do this, you allow your memory muscle to struggle just enough to grow over time.