Think and Search Strategy

Think and Search Strategy

Think and Search Strategy

The Think and Search Strategy is a method used with vocabulary. Using context clues and Active Reading this strategy deepens the process of thinking when using comprehension to identify vocabulary words that best complete sentences.

The application of and the identification of parts of speech are also addressed while applying the Think and Search Strategy. The learning outcomes include comprehension, vocabulary development, and deep reading.

Materials Required


Take out your completed Quadrant Chart for the current unit of study.

Open vocabulary workbook to Completing the Sentence.


  1. Open to Completing the Sentences of the current unit of study and read the first sentence.
  2. Ask yourself, “What do I understand about the information in the sentence?”
  3. Annotate the sentence for connotation, background knowledge, and inferences.
  4. Determine the missing word’s part of speech.
  5. Write the part of speech in the margin.
  6. Write a word on the line that would appropriately complete the sentence that is NOT from your vocabulary word list.

  7. Now, consult your Quadrant Chart. Look at the list of words in the quadrant that corresponds to the part of speech identified in Step 5.
  8. Reference the vocabulary workbook to verify the word – paying special attention to part of speech – that best completes the sentence. Review the definitions of each possible word (determined by the part of speech) that might complete the given sentence.
  9. Review the annotations of  the sentence. Investigate which possible vocabulary word  best completes the sentence.
  10. Write the selected vocabulary word on the line in the workbook next to your self selected word you wrote on the line in step 6.


The Think and Search Strategy is intellectually intensive. Be patient. Know that this method takes a great deal of energy and effort. In order to maximize the results and benefits of this process, it’s going to take grit and determination.

By Vocabulary Unit 5, you will be applying this process independently and effectively. Until then, you will observe the modeled process, experience the process through guided practice, and apply the process with partners, and on your own.

Talking though this process with others is essential to developing the internal dialogue and thinking process of this engaging activity. Be assured, you will get plenty of practice before you reach mastery level of the Think and Search Strategy.