Vocabulary Assessments

Vocabulary and Word Study

Vocabulary units are always two weeks long. Flashcards are created for each unit, the first 10 flashcards are created the first week. Flashcards for words 11-20 are made in the middle of the two week period.

Throughout the two weeks,  words are discussed and investigated in the early stages of instruction.  Student participate in activities withe the intention of developing study skills, expanding vocabulary development, and strengthen comprehension.

Word Study Strategies

Word study strategies are woven  through the curriculum to support both reading and writing. These activities may be recorded in either reading or English.

Reading and writing is supported through the use of a variety of activities including:

Academic Outcomes of Vocabulary and Word Study

The above activities lay the foundation for effective written expression in short answer responses, paragraph writing, and essay writing. They also improve comprehension skills. Vocabulary and word study directly support the development of writing and comprehension.