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8th Grade Language Arts

Language Arts is broken down into two disciplines, English and reading. This class is designed to develop writing, reading, and grammar skills. Listening and speaking are integral to academic growth in Language. Common Core Standards, the driving force of Summit Hill curriculum, ensures academic experiences in all areas.

Students will learn about grammar and conventions, to write for various purposes, to develop vocabulary, and to read and understand various forms of literature, all while making connections across literary works and connections from literature to real world events. The ulimate goal is to increase critical think and problems solving as we read, communicate, and build meaningful relationships in our learning community.

We will accomplish this by using many different types of activities including independent activities, small group activities, and whole class activities.

Content Information


  • The English curriculum will consist of the text, a workbook, writing assignments/essays, journal writing, and spelling.
  • Tests, daily homework assignments, essays, etc. will be assigned throughout the year.
  • Students will engage in group interaction to increase meaning of skills and concepts.
  • Supplemental resources are used throughout the year to support the current curriculum.


  • The reading curriculum will consist of the literature text, vocabulary, an independent reading (Accelerated Reader novel), and book projects. Collections is the new series.
  • Literary analysis skills are foundational to reading.
  • Students are to have a novel with them at all times. If a novel is near completion, students are responsible to have another on hand. Students are to use their study hall time to renew these books as needed.
  • Supplemental resources are used throughout the year to support the current curriculum


Updates grading Policy

GRADE REPORTING SYSTEM (Reference Board Policy 6:280)

The following grading scale is used to report student academic achievement in grades 1-8. Grades reflect
tests, quizzes, and daily work which is dependent on the grade level.

Letter Grade Description of Grade Reporting

See new district policy and handbook for district assigned reading procedures.

Progress Reports

Student Progress Reports are issued only to students in danger of failing and are issued at mid-quarter
according to dates posted on the district calendar. Student progress can always be accessed online
through PowerSchool with the utilization of a password issued to the parent from the school.

Report Cards

(Reference Board Policy 6:340)
Student report cards are issued at the conclusion of each nine-week marking period in grades Kindergarten
through eight.

Weighted Grades
  • Summative Assessment: 75%
  • Formative Assessment: 25%


Two two types of assignments are collected throughout the year: completion and accuracy. Formative assessments may be either completion work or accuracy work, where summative is always accuracy.

Assignment Notebook

Students are required to have assignment notebooks with them in each class. In Language Arts, students will be guided on the effective use of their assignment notebooks. All students are required to complete their assignment notebooks in each class, review the recorded information at the end of the day while at their locker, and utilize it as a management tool at home. Learning how to manage time is a significant, independent learning skill students will develop throughout the year.

Assignment notebook are available for purchase. This transaction is conducted in the office.


When a student is absent he/she may consult the school’s website found at or more accurate to find current assignments awn learning resources. Students will use the “Ask 3, Then Ask Me” strategy. Self-advocacy is essential to future success, so students are guided through the process of requesting insight and details from their peers prior to requesting specific details and instruction from the teacher when they return from an absence.

When absent, student have extra days to make up missed work. The teacher will consult with the student to determine the adjusted timeline for work missed due to absence. Students are required to write adjusted due dates in their assignment notebook and turn in work in according to their individualized timeframe. (See school handbook for specific details.)

Disciplinary Procedures

Students will interact with respect, responsibility, and safety in mind at all times. A first violation of these expectations will result in a one on one conference between the teacher and the student. This conference will be a discussion of the situation in order to evaluate how the given situation would have best been handled and how such a situation could be handled in the future. This is called a Corrective Behavior Plan, not requiring the intervention of parents and/or administration. Repeated disciplinary violations will be dealt with on an individualized basis. Every effort will be made to offer students opportunities that develop decision making skills that elevate their learning experiences for continual academic, social, and emotional growth. An immediate intervention with administration, parents, and teacher(s) maybe necessary if violations of behavioral expectations threaten the safety and well being of the student and/or their peers.

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