What is Incorporation and How Do I Do It?

What is Incorporation?

When do I need to Use Incorporation?

How do I Incorporate?

These are all good questions that need answers. This post will answer each one of these questions.

Let’s address the first question…

What is Incorporation?

Incorporation is a method of responding to questions in the written form. It means when you answer a question, you include the maximum amount of words from the question in your written response.

When do I need to use Incorporation?

You need to use incorporation in every written response you do in school. You are learning about it in Language Arts, but you need to apply the same process in Social Studies, Science, Health, Encore Classes, Gym (question of the week), and any where else the opportunity comes up to write a response.

Here’s the big question…


How do I incorporate?

Take a look at the pictures below. These will give you the sequence of steps to follow.

This should look familiar… it’s the same slide show we walked through together in class. In fact, you have partner notes in your Reading Spiral. Check them out while you’re review these pictures because we added some details.