*What is PowerWriting?

PowerWriting: An Brief Overview

What is Power Writing?




·        Power Writing is a writing system that assigns a number to each different type of sentence in a paragraph.




o   The number 1 is assigned to the main idea sentence of a paragraph.




o   The number 2 is assigned to the major detail sentences in a paragraph.




o   The number 3 is assigned to the supporting detail or example sentences.




o   The number 1 is assigned again to conclusion sentences.




o   A zero (0) sentence is a “bridge, hook,voice” sentence to be used at the beginning of paragraphs or essays as an attention-getting sentence and at the end of essays as a culminating, broad statement about the importance of what was discussed in the bulk of the essay.




·        These can be combined in countless ways to form simple paragraphs, complex paragraphs with textual evidence, or entire essays.