Writing Tools: Gerunds

Writing Tools: Gerunds

Below is a recap of Writing Tools #5: Gerunds. Gerunds and Infinitives as Writing Tools are structured in a similar fashion. Take time to apply these in assigned 10 Minute Journal Writing to gain more experience with them to master them over time.

Writing Tool #5: Gerund:

  • A verb ending in “-ing”
  • First word in the sentence
  • Gerund is the subject, acting as a noun


Walking is effective exercise for old people.

Create your own sentence.



Jogging each day strengthens endurance.

Create your own sentence.



Reading horror stories may cause nightmare.

Create your own sentence.


Compare the the Structure of Gerunds and Infinitives

It is easy switch the writing tool of gerunds and infinitives because both features act as the subject. Listed below are examples of Infinitives inspired from the sentences above.


To jog each day strengthens endurance

 To walk is effective.

 To read stories may cause nightmares.